Robo Alive Dragon Brings Flames and Fun to Your Kingdom

Robo Alive Fire Breathing Dragon Review

It’s not just Hagrid who has always wanted their own pet dragon – admit it, you want one too. And this year, your kids can bring home their own dragon from Robo Alive. Coming in at about 18 inches tall, this dragon not only walks around, roars but has a fire breathing action that your kids are going to love.

Unlike the other Robo Alive animals, the Fire Breathing Dragon doesn’t come with batteries. There is a battery door under his legs that isn’t the easiest to get to. But once the batteries are in place all you need to do is to switch the power button on and watch the dragon come to life. He will walk around and every other roar, his mouth lights up with a red light that gives it a fire like effect.

No, the dragon doesn’t actually breath fire but with a little imagination he will be lighting up the room and fighting battles while you play with him. The wings and arms are a softer rubber than the body of the dragon but can move slightly so you can position the dragon for the best attack.

Robo Alive Fire Breathing Dragon Review

Get your own Robo Alive Fire Breathing Dragon and check out their ice dragon and other robotic animals.

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