Road Side Stop – the Dinosaur Park of Coloma!

dinosaur farm coloma michigan

Just off of I-94, in one of the most unlikely places you will find the perfect place to stop off. Off of Exit 39, you will find the small town of Coloma. While the actual downtown is a bit off the highway, there is plenty to do while you’re taking a break. Fuel up, grab a bite to eat, stop at a fresh farmer stand, visit a winery or two and oh yah – check out the Dinosaur Park!

Behind the old fuel station turned into a drive through coffee and donut shop you will find the Dinosaur Park of Coloma. With metal statues of dinosaur skeletons that even include a giant spider, a T-Rex and Pterodactyl.

The Dinosaur Park is completely free to visit, and since it is outside you can visit it year round. It’s a great spot to get out, stretch your legs and to check out some new places. Let the kids run and explore the dinosaurs and learn while you are heading through the area. It is one of our favorite places to stop on our way to Chicago from Detroit, and a great place to visit year round. And the best part? It’s absolutely free! Make a stop with your dinosaur lovers and let their imagination soar.


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