RIO 2 Characters Visit Beaumont Children’s Hospital in Royal Oak

rio characters visit beaumont hospital

Rio 2 characters at Children's Hospital

We only want the kids in our lives to be happy and healthy. Unfortunately that isn’t always the case. So when your little one is sick, or needs special medical attention it can be hard to make sure their life stays as normal as possible. That’s why Beaumont Children’s Hospital creates special days for the children staying there.

Last year Beaumont Children’s Hospital invited Hotel Transylvania Characters to visit the patients currently staying in the children’s ward. This year, the patients got another special visit – Pedro and Nico from Rio (and soon to be released Rio 2!) The characters made their larger than life appearance this afternoon.

Rio 2 characters at Children's Hospital

Nico and Pedro shuffled their way down the hallways making door to door visits to many of the patients currently staying at Beaumont Children’s Hospital. Since some of the patients weren’t well enough to come out and meet the characters, they did make bedside visits as well as stopped at many door ways to wave hello!

But when they could, the children came out to visit the birds and you could see their spirits were instantly lifted. Smiles and giggles came from little ones who are under going treatments that keep them from home. While it’s a small treat, it’s one of those things that can help make their whole day and help them feel better.

Rio 2 characters at Children's Hospital

The visit from Nico and Pedro didn’t just bring smiles to the faces of the children. Doctors, nurses, orderlies and staff stopped to get their pictures taken with the large birds. The characters were more than happy to pose, and even happier to be involved in some selfies too!

Nico and Pedro lifted the spirits of the young and old(er) today on their visit. Taking the time to bring laughs and smiles and heal through love. Remember laughter is one of the best medicines!

Beaumont Children’s Hospital is part of the Children’s Miracle Network. Providing live saving and improving care for children of all ages.

To view the images of the event you can check out the slide show below.



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