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2017 Genesis G90 NAIAS

We spend a lot of time in our cars, from driving to and from work, running kids to and from school, events and more. For years, the automotive industry has made sure that some of the most ergonomic chairs are the ones in our cars, making sure that the driver is comfortable. But now, after years of being ignored, the passengers are starting be the focus on. With new technology being integrated in our cars, one of the largest focuses at the North American International Auto Show was the user experience with the car, including both the driver and the passengers.

2017 Genesis G90 NAIASOn the top of the list brands focusing on the customer and the user experience is Genesis, a newer brand to the luxury scene – but one that is going to make waves in the market. Genesis is the luxury division of Hyundai that broke off on on it’s own last year with the G80, a luxury vehicle that is competitively priced and offers more than the any other luxury brand on the market so far.

2017 Genesis G90 NAIASWhen you first walk up to any Genesis vehicle, you instantly know it’s more than just a sedan. With a sleek exterior, lush interiors and technology used throughout, the Genesis is a vehicle you are quickly going to add to your wish list. The beautiful exterior hides some of the key features in the design like lidar detection for safety, cameras and GPS seamless integrated. The style of the car will have you slowly walking around running your finger over it’s gentle curves and imagining driving the car.

2017 Genesis G90 NAIASThis year Genesis is launching their G90, the next level of luxury as well as their sport model that will combines fun and luxury at the same time. Genesis takes their customer centered approach to a new level where they create a relationship with their customers, the vehicles and keep the connection with the customer long after the purchase. Every Genesis purchased customers are given a 10 year/100,000 mile warranty, 3 years of service and repair, 3 years of valet, and 3 years of Genesis Connect – a web and mobile service where you can check on your vehicle, start it remotely and more.

2017 Genesis G90 NAIASInside the Genesis, the design blends comfort, luxury and technology as well. While the car could easily seat 5, and offers ample leg room for adults in the back seat the Genesis G90 is also designed as a chauffeur vehicle. The back seats allow passengers to recline, heated and air conditioned seats, full control of the music, climate control and entertainment systems with their own control, drop down mirrors and even privacy shades on the side windows and back window. The passenger in the back on the right can even fold the front right seat down to fully recline and have a foot rest and relax completely.

2017 Genesis G90 NAIASThere are a few cars on my wish list, and the Genesis G90 is now at the top. Once I sat in the front seat and as cradled in the comfortable seat that can be fully customized for the driver, had a holographic display and a 3D GPS I was sold. But sitting in the back seat is the ultimate luxury, and it was hard to get out of the car. The Genesis starts at around $68,000 which puts it well below it’s competitors, especially with all of the features that it offers.

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