Ride for Free at CycleBar Northville during Cycle Blast #Cyclebarnorthville

CycleBar Northville Review

Have you joined the cycling movement? If not, get read to enjoy a new way to ride as the Northville CylceBar location opens this week. A part music club and larger part work out, it’s a fun way to get together with friends and get a good work out in. This past weekend I went to check out the new Northville location that opens to the public tomorrow. The space is larger than the Troy location and laid out a bit differently, but still offers lockers with custom code locks, showers, bathrooms, free filling stations and of course the CycleBar.

CycleBar Northville ReviewWe had David as our instructor for our class, and it was a bit different than the class we took at the Troy CycleBar. Each class you take at CycleBar, even if it’s with the same instructor will be a bit different, and David had a bit more gentle approach to our class. While cycling may not be my “thing” (I’m much more of a yoga girl), I did notice this time the class was easier for me. I am still not a fan of the seats on the cycles, but they say over time you get use to them. The aching I felt after my first CycleBar class was there this time, but less and hasn’t lasted as long.

CycleBar Northville ReviewAfter our CycleBar class we were treated to snacks from Fresh N Healthy, packed with protein and healthy snacks to help us recharge. They wont be waiting outside every CycleBar class unfortunately, but CycleBar knows that working out can make you hungry. You can find fresh fruit, water and even coffee waiting on the counter when you’re done with your workout! Healthy options are always there to help you fresh and recharge.

CycleBar Northville is also giving out 50 free rides in a fun Facebook giveaway! Visit their Giveaway Page for your chance to enter until August 28th!

Be sure to hop by CycleBar Northville now until 8/28 during Cycle Blast! They’re currently giving away 2500 free classes and you can sign up and experience CycleBar yourself!

CycleBar Northville Review


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