reviewers retreat recap 2013

Reviewer’s Retreat 2013 Recap #revret

Reviewer's Retreat
It’s summer time, and bloggers on the move. I have one conference behind me this summer and two still coming. The first one is still one of my favorites – Reviewer’s Retreat hosted by the Double Duty Divas. It was the first blogging conference I attended, and holds a special place in my heart.

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What’s so special about Reviewer’s Retreat? It’s where you can connect with brands, bloggers and actually relax. For once you’re with like minded individuals who actually understand what you’re doing for a living.

Yes, I know, we sit behind a computer all day and it may not seem like a lot of work. But the truth is as bloggers, we spend anywhere form 8-12 hours a day (or more) working on our blogs. We spend a large portion of that time answering emails, working on our social media pages, worry about SEO, FTC guidelines. All of this with our daily lives, family and job requirements. So occasionally a retreat from it all is fantastic.

I don’t post while I’m at conferences, usually there isn’t time. Or it’s time to unplug. We have a lot of learning and networking to do while we’re at conferences.

reviewer's retreats massages

After checking in this year at Reviewer’s Retreat we were pampered with massages courtesy of Pampers! Who wouldn’t want a perk like that! And trust me it was well worth it after the long 13 hour car ride from Detroit to Georgia!

This year’s Reviewer’s Retreat was held at the Lodge and Spa at Callaway Gardens. A spa set back into the woods of Pine Mountain, Georgia. It was quite the drive to get there, but worth the drive to get there. Two restaurants, spa and manicure options, a pool, two hot tubs and access to the beautiful grounds at Callaway Gardens. It is not only a place for the bloggers to retreat, but for their families to have fun.


After a morning of sessions and a couple of hikes, or if the bloggers were brave enough Zip lines or Trapeze activities, Reviewer’s Retreat officially kicked off with a cocktail party sponsored by Musselman’s. Delicious food, cocktails, great company and even an Adam Levine Cut out made an appearance! What a great way to kick off the retreat!

Jabra USA

Monday and Tuesday were back to business. Full of networking with brands and learning things to make our blogs better. Legal issues, SEO suggestions, how to network and connect better. Between sessions we were able to explore the expo hall where we could network with reps from CVS, Brew Over Ice, Jabra, Go RVing and So Rave. A couple of the PR reps I had worked with before, so it was fantastic put a face to the name and get to know them on a more one and one basis.

While meeting PR reps is always great as a blogger, but making the friendships and connections with other bloggers is more valuable. It is fantastic to network and find friends from all corners of the country.

Brew over Ice

Yes, the last two Reviewer’s Retreats were a hike for me to get to. This year’s was the furthest by far. But I love going and seeing some of my blogging friends again each year. While we chat online, sometimes it’s not the same as meeting in person each year.

Next year, thankfully, Reviewer’s Retreat -being rebranded as iRetreat- will be a lot closer! It actually will be at Hershey Lodge in Pennsylvania!

If you’re a blogger and interested in going next year use code HERSHEY14 by July 13th to save 50%. Trust me, you wont regret going 🙂

Check out the Double Duty Diva’s 5 Reasons you should get your tickets now for iRetreat 2014!

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