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Review of the most promising digital marketing strategies for e-commerce

E-commerce is most likely to continue the momentum it has got in the past two years. From growing with the new ways of the market to building audiences and a loyal customer base, you are going to make the most of this sunshine. 

Based on the observations from the experts every digital marketing agency in New Zealand has to focus on data, feed, and attribution to deliver the best results to their clients. Here are four major strategies that are focused on raising your bottom line by growing digital traffic and sales most economically and time-efficiently.

  • Acceleration in SEO traffic

As popularly known, there is a considerable wait for marketers between publishing their content and getting results from the result engines. It takes significant time to be able to draw traffic from global searches to your website. When marketers spend hours generating relevant and quality content, text or visual, this time lag can be discouraging.

However, this wait time is increasingly reducing. People are strategizing their efforts so that more traffic can be directed from search engines quickly. Some search engines already provide features for instant indexing that help you bring up your new content to search results faster. 

According to Search Engine Journal, November 2021, Google is also testing this feature which will revolutionize traffic acceleration.

  • Cleaning up of Google merchant center

As an e-commerce business, you commonly use Google merchant center to list your offerings to your potential customers. One of the reasons why many businesses fail to draw the full benefit of the feature is outdated information in the feed. 

You might have set up the listings several months ago, even years in some cases. Clearly, such information is outdated and does not reflect your current offerings. You must be losing many prospects as they might be coming to the website only to find that the product they are looking for is out of stock.

Make sure you begin this year by revisiting your Google merchant center and revising the product information. Also, set reminders to periodically do this cleanup to ensure that this information is always current and relevant.

  • Integration of ambassador, affiliate, and influencer marketing

People following their ideals is a trend that has had a great impact on the way you market your products and services. Having a popular figure as your brand ambassador has always been crucial and dominant competent of marketing. 

This trend is accelerating in the highest gear with affiliate marketing and influencers coming into the picture. With the exponential rise in social media and other internet media, common people are becoming popular. People relate and connect with such influencers immediately as they feel one of them. 

Considering these factors, e-commerce businesses list their influencers, ambassador, and affiliates in a single place. This will allow you to efficiently delegate your efforts and budget among them all and maintain accuracy and timeliness.

  • Harness and nurture first-party data

Since Google announced revoking the support for third-party cookies, you now have to channel your efforts in building first-party cookies. Create and maintain your own email list. Provide offers and rewards to the customers who choose your website. Rollout discount codes and exclusive content to attract users and don’t forget to ask users permission for cookies to adhere to their privacy expectations.

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