Return to the Beach with Teen Beach Movie 2

Teen Beach Movie 2 Review

Teen Beach Movie 2 ReviewA couple of years ago Disney brought back the magic of the beach in with their release of Teen Beach Movie. A combination of modern day and 60’s fun while the main characters were zapped into a Beach Blanket Bingo style movie. Recently released is it’s  sequel Teen Beach Movie 2, that includes the same fun as the first movie in a family friendly setting. We loved reviewing this movie as much as we did the first one – and we’re pretty sure you will too!

Teen Beach Movie 2 brings back Brady and Mack from the first movie, who seem to be having some relationship trouble. That is until they’re tossed into a West Side Story type story and meet Lela and a whole new set of friends. Lela loves the modern world and doesn’t want to go back to her story line – but Brady and Mack know that they have to get her back, and fix their own problems in the mean time.

As always, the movies have the modern flare tossed in and mixed with the story that crossed over, which gives the movie a fun and unique twist on the stories. With a total run time of 102 minutes, Teen Beach 2 is available now on DVD, and comes with Lela’s Friendship Necklace!


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