Return to Never Land Blu-Ray Combo Pack Review

Peter Pan Return to Neverland Review
Return to Never Land

Do you ever feel like you’re too much of an adult? Or wish you could go back to the days where you were a child and carefree? How about taking another trip to Never Land?

Disney recently released Return to Never Land on Blu-Ray Combo pack and you can take the trip back to your childhood or for the first time with your kids. They sent us a copy to review and it took us back to that enchanted place from long ago.

Return to Never Land is the sequel to Disney’s super popular Peter Pan. This time it’s Wendy’s daughter Jane to take a trip to Never Land and reminder the joys of being a kid.

Jane is just a little girl, but she’s already practical and too serious. She’s forgotten what it’s like to be a kid, as she rushes to grow up. Of course, that’s when Captain Hook decides to kidnap her! She’s whisked off on a great adventure, and gets to experience Never Land. Join her on her adventure with Peter Pan, the Lost Boys and Tinkerbell as they battle Captain Hook.

The movie came out in 2002 but was drawn in the old style so it will fit with it’s prequel Peter Pan. Let your kids experience more of Never Land with this great sequel. Enjoy it with them and remember why we should never grow up!

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