Rest Well Sweet Graysie

rest in piece Graysie

We knew that it wouldn’t be forever, and the last couple days I knew it was coming. But none of that makes this easier to write or experience. The last couple days Graysie (sometimes referred to as The Nose on the blog since she always loved to smell everything near her), would hide. And when I say hide, I mean well enough that I had to break out a flash light and crawl on the floor to find her. She had been getting weaker lately, and I knew it would be soon.

Then about 7 this morning I heard her cries. I hate those cries. I hate hearing those cries, and knowing what they mean. I ran Godiva upstairs to my boyfriend and got a towel to wrap her in.

As soon as I got her out from under the bed she began to purr. She purred louder when her daddy, my boyfriend put her in his arms.  She laid on him for about two hours until we knew the vet would be open, purring and being loved in her last moments.

The morning was painful, and we’ve both had very long days. We will never forget our purrbeast, our Bonk-Bonk, Gray-Gray, Princess Graysie-Grace Stinky Face, or our Buddle Cudz. We loved the years we had with you, and hope you’re resting peacefully.

We miss you already…



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