Renting A Coffee & Food Van For Your Event

Renting A Coffee & Food Van For Your Event

Renting a food and coffee van is one of the more interesting ideas you may have heard from friends or a party planner. 

As we all know, coffee is very much ‘in’. Our whole society seems to be fuelled by this wonderful perky substance, so having a coffee bar at your special birthday party makes sense. You can combine this with food for great effect. Why not go for plant-based treats? Check out the No Evil Foods review for more information about this.

Given that the evening could be long for you and your guests, a coffee bar can be a great idea for that reason alone! But, on a more serious note, we often have an image of cocktail or wine bars being hired for 18th or 21st birthday parties. What about those of your guests who are teetotal or abstinent? A mobile coffee bar or coffee van acts as a great alternative or complement to a pop-up alcohol bar. Not only that, but your guests who enjoy alcoholic beverages will also probably fancy a coffee at some stage – meaning that a coffee bar will probably offer you better value for your money than even a bar serving alcohol! But, of course, you don’t want any old pop-up coffee stand; you’ll want something bespoke that fits in with the theme and feel of your party. Thankfully, you can get that. A pop-up coffee bar can also include delicacies such as cakes – making it a great addition to your evening. You can even have the cupcakes, napkins or even the coffee cups ‘branded’ with the name and date of the celebrant and their birthday! A great keepsake from a once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

Cost Versus Benefit

Mobile coffee van price may be a concern if you’re considering coffee services at an event, exhibition or conference that you’re organizing. Obviously it’s important to keep your guests engaged and refreshed, but you need to weigh this up against your budget. Is it worthwhile?

The answer is absolutely. Great coffee is always worth it. Ask coffee lovers for their pet peeves and it’s likely that ‘instant coffee’ will be close to the top. Having warm beverages such as tea and coffee at events isn’t exactly revolutionary or new. It’s a staple of event organization everywhere. However, it has been tradition to provide just the basic essentials: not great-quality coffee, just coffee. Yet today, consumers have more power than ever. The same is true of, for example, conference attendees. Choice is so great that it seems illogical not to cater for quality if you can budget it. As an event organizer, you’re looking for ways to keep people at your event so that they don’t leave the premises. For coffee lovers, the half-a-mile walk down to the nearest cafe is something they’ll do for a great tasting cup of java. Although they may come back, you’ve lost a good half hour of their attention. Don’t worry: there is an affordable way around this. Having a mobile coffee stand or mobile coffee van is a way to accommodate coffee lovers without them having to leave your event. Add light snacks such as cupcakes and crisps and you’ll have a captive audience!

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