Remember those Rain Checks!

Couponing Haul
Do you remember last week when I mentioned how important rain checks are? Here is an example of what you can do with it. A couple weeks back we received great coupons for $1 off Sweet Baby Ray’s Dipping Sauce and $1 off Sweet Baby Ray’s Marinades. At the same time Meijer’s was running a 5/$5 sale on all of the Sweet Baby Ray’s products. When we got to the store the next day the shelves were cleared… So I walked out with a rain check and the dream of getting this great deal the next week.
BBQ Sauce

 I returned several times hoping to cash in the rain check. They only last 30 days, and the coupons expire at the end of the month. They have had enough dipping sauces to complete half of my order but all the same flavor.
Since I’m out in the Mid-Michigan area overnight I left the office hoping maybe they have the products. I double checked to make sure the rain check said “Valid at all locations” and with that I went shopping.

The result 12 Sweet Baby Ray’s products! 6 dippers and 6 marinades. Total OOP $0.00 – Total MSRP $34.00 – Savings $100%. See – I even took a picture of the receipt! I was so happy.

I had thought I’d be nice and choose the shortest line. It was the shortest line – until I got in it. The cashier went to get the first item to scan it and I informed her of the rain check. She looked in my hand as I handed her the rain check and said bitterly “oh and coupons”. She wasn’t the most pleasant cashier but she didn’t complain too much.

I walked out with my 12 products and a big smile on my face! 12 for free! Fantastic. That is why I hold those rain checks in a special place. They are more valuable than money in some cases.

I brought them inside- where my parents have already taken a bunch and my sister will be taken more soon. A handful will come home with me – but what a great way to end the couponing week!

I’m off for a bit to start giving my dad couponing lessons! Happy Shopping everyone!


  1. Awesome! Monroe Meijers is still out but our sale for Sweet Baby Rays was just this past week. Im glad my rain check is good till June 26!:D


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