Relive Your College Parties in The Re-Education of Molly Singer

The Re-Education of Molly Singer Review

Grab your textbooks, it’s time to head back to campus. Do you ever feel like you missed out on some of the college shenanigans? Or wish you didn’t skip rush week? The new Lionsgate release, The Re-Education of Molly Singer will take you back to those days and may make you question if you really miss them at all.

The movie follows it’s namesake Molly Singer, a lawyer who’s messed up one too many times at her law firm. With the hopes of getting her job back, she’s hired to move onto campus where she attended college years ago to help her former boss’s son start to fit in so he can have a good college experience. Of course, nothing goes how Molly or her boss plans – and instead, she’s back to college partying ways, despite having the best intentions of helping Elliot.

With a bit of a Fish Out of Water-type feeling, The Re-Education of Molly Singer is more in your face on how she doesn’t fit in. Her age difference isn’t played off with bad makeup and over-styling. She’s immediately called out for being too old to be there and has to find other ways to try to fit in. But while she’s doing this, she’s also creating a new enemy along the way, who has ties to an old one from her college days. Now Elliot’s social life is the least of their worries, and college isn’t as fun as it used to be.

The Re-Education of Molly Singer takes the most extreme antics of college parties and dorm life and mixes it with a little bit of Never Been Kissed, 21 Jump Street, and Van Wilder. It’s one of those back-to-college days movies that will have you laughing but tosses in some more of the craziness you may have missed between your time studying and taking tests. It almost feels like it’s trying to be a more updated National Lampoon-type movie, with the addition of current political issues and far-reaching legal problems.

The movie doesn’t have any crude or really gross scenes, but does have a lot of swearing, drinking, and drug use. But even with that being said, the movie will make you laugh. It’s simply a fun movie that doesn’t require a lot of thinking to enjoy it. It may make you wonder what you missed at all of those frat parties you skipped back in your own college days.

The Re-Education of Molly Singer is available on Demand and in select theaters this weekend.

Overall Rating:

Four Star Review

About The Re-Education of Molly Singer:

In college, attorney Molly Singer (Britt Robertson) was the life of every party. Now, she’s about to be fired because she can’t leave her partying ways behind. Molly’s boss, Brenda (Jaime Pressly), tells Molly there’s one way to save her job: re-enroll at her old alma mater, befriend Brenda’s socially awkward son, Elliot (Ty Simpkins), and take him from zero to campus hero. Aided by her best friend (Nico Santos), Molly goes to battle with stuck-up hall monitors, boozed-up frat brothers, and her old archenemy in a hilarious quest through the past to save her future.


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