Relaxing and Recharging at Canyon Ranch Tuscon #Colgatedailyrepair

Canyon Ranch Tuscon Review

We’re only a few weeks from Christmas and the days seem to go by faster and faster no matter what we do to slow them down. A couple of weeks ago we had our first snow fall in Michigan, which reminded us that the holidays are almost here. Luckily, we were able to run off for a small escape to Canyon Ranch in Tuscon. We had been planning this trip since I found out from Colgate that I won the trip from our meeting this summer in New York.

Canyon Ranch Tuscon ReviewThe easiest way to describe Canyon Ranch is an adult summer camp. Not only does Canyon Ranch offer a full service spa, chef prepared meals in the restaurant, nutritious snacks in the Double U Cafe, but also art classes, hikes and quiet places to relax and reflect. The reasons you may attend Canyon Ranch could be anything from relaxing, to working out and even resetting your health goals. Every person who goes to Canyon Ranch for different reasons, but the open and welcoming attitude throughout your visit makes you want to return.

Canyon Ranch Tuscon (32)With the holidays being one of my busiest times of the year, we decided a trip the week before Thanksgiving would be a great time to disconnect and recharge. While Canyon Ranch offers wifi throughout the whole facility, there is a strict “silent device” policy. Throughout our whole stay, we enjoyed the sounds of nature, music and face to face conversations. Returning to our over stimulating and connected world was a bit of a shock even after a three day visit to the ranch.

Canyon Ranch Tuscon ReviewWhen we first arrived at Canyon Ranch another guest told us to “Watch out for the Javelinas!” as we walked our path to our room. Javelinas, or peccary are furry pig light animals that roam the area and the ranch. The kind hearted warning, turned into a daily hunt for us, and we finally were able to find a group of the Javelinas on our last day at the ranch.

Canyon Ranch Tuscon (21)Our main goal for our visit was to relax, refresh, repair and disconnect for a few days. And throughout our three day stay at the resort we were pampered ourselves with pedicures, massages and even took a four hour photography hike. We found ourselves surrounded by the beauty of the area, and plants and wild life we would never experience here in Michigan.

Canyon Ranch Tuscon (17)The service at Canyon Ranch started well before we arrived with our gift certificate presentation like no other, and continued with the all inclusive resort. Throughout our stay, our every request was met before we requested it, and even food allergies were considered before our stay. Upon checking in, we were given packets with allergy information for all of the food on the menu. Each menu offered gluten free and vegan food options, and gave you the complete calorie count as well as other nutrition information. We were warned that the portion sizes were small, but with the exception of one or two items everything was plentiful. If you are unable to find something on the menu, there is a full service pasta bar and salad bar with every dinner. Each night custom desserts are made, and daily there are gluten free dessert options as well as gluten free cookies.

The services and food at Canyon Ranch was beyond what we expected and our trip was the perfect escape for us before the holiday season. It was great to disconnect, recharge and recharge before coming back for the holidays and the hectic season that is now upon us.



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