Regular Show Fright Pack Review

regular show fright pack review

Regular Show Fright Pack

You’re never too old for cartoons – it’s that simple. And Cartoon Network makes some just for older viewers, including the Regular Show. They sent us a copy of the Regular Show Fright Pack, to enjoy and review.

This is the fifth movie release for the Regular Show and more grown up comedy. The set is rated PG, so older kids can enjoy the comedy and scary moments of the collection. While the Fright Pack was released for Halloween, the set is a great addition for any Regular Show fan’s collection. Still in the family friendly segment, the Regular Show is a hilarious good time for everyone. This is a a set that only Cartoon Network can deliver!

The Collection has a total run time of 176 minutes and features the following episodes:

  • Terror Tales of the Park II (2-Part Episode)
  • Dead at Eight
  • Jinx
  • Grave Sights
  • In the House
  • Ello Gov’nor
  • Death Metal Crash Pit
  • Creepy Doll
  • Death Bear
  • Skunked
  • See You There
  • Meat Your Maker
  • The Best VHS in the World
  • Dizzy
  • Last Meal

You can find the Regular Show Fright Pack on Amazon and at local retailers.


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