Refresh Your Patio Furniture with Krylon CoverMaxx

krylon covermaxx review

krylon colormaxx reviewI’m sure these chairs look familiar – we all have them or know someone who does. I’m not actually sure the exact origins of the chairs, my parents gave them to us, but I think they were a yard sale find. There’s nothing wrong with the chairs other than they’re showing their age and too boring for me. Since I’m working on creating a fun summer oasis on our patio this year, these chairs were the first thing that needed to be worked on. Krylon sent me a variety of their Covermaxx spray paint, and all I had to do was put a little work into the chairs (and it really is a little work!)

The colors used:

  • Krylon Covermaxx Gloss Sun Yellow
  • Krylon Covermaxx Satin Sea Glass
  • Krylon Covermaxx Matte Sunrise
  • Krylon Covermaxx Satin Periwinkle

krylon colormaxx reviewStep 1:

Wash down all of the chairs you have – don’t worry about if they’re scuffed an have small cracks (or a BB hole like one of ours did). Just make sure they’re nice and clean and dry before you start painting.

Step 2:

On a large piece of cardboard, or a tarp place you chair upside down. Prime your spray paint by shaking for a full minute and start painting. Give it a good coating.

Allow to dry for 10 minutes, and repeat 2-3 times until the back and bottom of the chair are completely covered.

krylon covermaxx reviewStep 3: 

Flip the chair over and paint the top of the chair, allowing the chair to dry about 10 minutes in between each coat.

You’ll need another 2-3 coats and then some spot checking, it’s amazing how much space there is between those slats and on the ends.

Each chair took about an hour for me to do – I’d suggest only doing a couple a day if you have a lot or having someone do others if you want them all done in one day  – your back will than you!

Due to the size of the chairs, each chair is going to take 2-4 cans of Krylon Covermaxx. I found that the glossy paint seemed to need more coats than satin or matte.

Why use Krylon Covermaxx?

  • It has the primer already built in
  • It’s only 10 minutes between coats
  • It ha some pretty rocking color options
  • Super easy to use
  • Its available at most Lowe’s stores and other hardware
  • You can use it for indoor or outdoor projects – your imagination is all that limits you!
  • It works on metal, plastic, wood and even glass!

The final result: 

We absolutely love the bright and colorful space that we’ve started out back and will keep adding more colors to our space. This project is so easy and brought new life to the chairs and its cheaper than buying a new one!

krylon colormaxx review



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