Reflectoids – Fun Key Chains to Keep Your Kids Safe


Reflectoid ReviewMaking sure our kids stay safe is the number one priority. But trying to convince them wear safety tape or a blinking light is a lot harder than you’d expect. Ways to keep kid safe have definitely gotten better since I was a kid, and part of that is because of the fun products created by Zoli. When I was in Chicago earlier this month, Zoli gave me one of their Reflectoids to review. It’s a soft plush toy on a plastic clip key chain, and is easy to snap onto a backpack, or jacket. It’s fun for kids to play with, but honestly, mine hasn’t left my keys since I got it!

Reflectoid ReviewReflectoids come in six different designs, each with it’s own personality, name and story that comes with them. I was given Zee, a soft and squishy Reflectoid. The top portion of Zee is plush fabric, but the bottom is made of a reflective fabric that is still soft to the touch. As soon as light from a camera or a car light hits the Reflectoid, the body lights up making sure you know it’s there. The lighting effect is similar to reflective tape.

Gone are the days of a reflective tape to put on backpacks, and here are the days of soft Reflectoids that kids will love to play with. Reflectoids are affordable, adorable and something that kids can enjoy from an early age while keeping them safe. You can find Reflectoids at select retailers, on Amazon and on Zoli’s website. Find the one with the story and personality for you, you’ll love them instantly!


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