Reduce Your Plastic with Aquasana Glass Bottles

Aquasana Bottle ReviewOne thing we’ve tried to do in our house is reduce the amount of plastics. It’s not that we don’t recycle every week. Our city actually provides a huge 48 gallon recycling bin for us. But with my habit of drinking a few bottles of water a day, the plastic starts to add up. Besides the overall cost of the water bottles every other week at the store, it’s a lot of space in the bin.

My boyfriend had been telling me to use one of the many travel glasses I have, however for my water I didn’t want something that could bring a flavor with it, so the obvious choice was glass. I had toyed with the idea of getting a glass travel mug, but then Aquasana gave me some of their glass water bottles to try out. The change for me, and our household was immediate. The few plastic store water bottles that are still in the cooler from our last party, will stay there for our next party.

Aquasana‘s main goal is to make sure their end users have healthy water where ever they go. They offer a home water filter system that removes over 96% of contaminates from your water system. But once your water is filtered and ready for you to enjoy – how do you take it with you? This is where their great water bottles come in! Not only are they  a standard 18 oz size, they fit easily into cup holders, and feel sturdy in their hands.

aquasana water bottle reviewThe Aquasana water bottles come with a standard lid and the bottle. Inside the screw on cap is a rubber seal ring, making sure your water is fresh when you open it later. The lids come in six different colors, but a standard set will come in a blue. You can however, get the different colored lids and a great silicone sleeves to change up your bottle and style. The sleeves make the bottle easier to hold and grab, and give it a bit of a “drop-ablity”, but remember the bottles are still glass. But with that being said, they are thick glass and well made – so they are extremely sturdy.

aquasana water bottle reviewI’ve loved the switch to the Aquasana glass water bottles, and the fact that the whole set is dishwasher safe is fantastic. You can wash the lids and sleeves on the top shelve, but to make sure the rubber seal stays in and there’s no soap flavor transfer I tend to wash them by hand. The bottles have been put through the test in our house, and because of our loves of glass they’re great for transporting our water and homemade juice!

Aquasana water bottles are available on Amazon and on their website. Right now they have a great deal for Earth Day – where you can order a 6 pack of bottles and get a set of colored sleeves and caps for free! It’s a great way to shake up your water routine, help you stay hydrated and reduce the amount of plastic bottles in your recycling bin every week! Just think how much you’ll save from buying water at the store when you can get healthy, take along water right at home! I tend to fill ours after they’re clean and stash them in the fridge until we’re ready for them. Since we’ve been going through so much water since making the switch, we’re looking to order more soon to keep up with our water drinking!

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  1. I agree with your point that using glass water bottles is the best way to reduce the usage of plastic. Great blog I really like your blog!

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