Rediscovering the Michigan Renaissance Festival #mirenfest

2016 Michigan Renaissance Festival

2016 Michigan Renaissance Festival

I have been to the Michigan Renaissance Festival twice before this year….my first time was about 10 years ago & I also went in 2015. I can for sure say today that this trip was a million times better than those 2 past trips.

2016 Michigan Renaissance FestivalTo be honest, usually when I have gone before, I wandered around to some of the shops, gawked at the not-period-correct-costumes, & then a couple hours in got really hot & bored of eating too much turkey leg & feeling the sadness of feeling my ticket admission money dwindle down the drain.

In my past non-interest of the festival, I never paid attention to the theme weekends & I really should have learned to just have fun as an early Halloween for costumes! All events do not need to be true representations of history. We all should have more fun.

2016 Michigan Renaissance FestivalI think another key for me this year was finding more like-minded people to attend with me. My friend posse this year wanted to explore some of the shows & other activities with me. I don’t mind some shop exploring but I don’t want it to be my whole day. We did wander but it was only a small part of the day. If you like to shop, bring your fellow shopping pals. If you are a true turkey leg aficionado, bring a fellow foodie so you can compare notes!

Even from 1 year ago, many improvements have come to the festival. Looking at my large program listing, I could have chosen from different wine & beer tastings, a paint & pour, vow renewals, an escape room, 50+ free children’s activities, Lego contests & displays courtesy of Legoland, fun with Shakespeare, & even a zipline!

Even beyond the daily activities, there is a fancy dinner ball & Halloween Musical Revue feasts upcoming.

2016 Michigan Renaissance FestivalThere are many stages through the whole park, each with several shows throughout the day. If you plan to watch the Washing Wenches, I encourage you to arrive early & bring a snack or drink. They are funny & worth that wait but it is a sunny space with few seats. The magician show “Zoltan the Adequate” was very amusing to me & more than adequate. I always enjoy watching glass demonstrations & it amazes me how craftsmen like Glass Academy can craft beautiful mugs & pumpkins & flowers in just a few minutes.

During our shopping, my friend Danielle snagged up a long-time favorite item, a lotion candle from Fairy Secrets, & none of us could resist the scented goats milk soaps from Nellie’s Natural Soap.

Another part of the day I really enjoyed was sharing lunch at the on-site restaurant instead of grabbing from the food court. It was a relaxing lunch without balancing everything on any table space we might be able to find. Especially that 2 of my posse members live farther away, it was a good time to catch up & talk & we were near the jousting so we could catch some of the excitement.

Holly is a short drive up I-75. I would encourage any skeptical Detroiter to make the journey & try something new!

Check out images from our trip to the Michigan Renaissance Festival:


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