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office redesign wallsauce review

When you work at home you need to find a space that is just for you. One that reflects your style and is a place that is a refuge that makes work easy and fun. This isn’t always easy if you have more than one person using the home office space or conflicting tastes and design styles.

So, when we were working on redesigning our home office we had a few issues to start, including me hating the paint color to start with. Thankfully, Wallsauce offered us a mural to customize the space and to make it our own. We chose the wall we wanted the mural facing, but then came the new problem – finding one we could agree on. Both my boyfriend and I found 5 or 6 we loved, and none were the same ones.

office redesign wallsauce review

Once we found the mural we could agree on for the office space we took the measurements of the wall (and added the recommended few inches to each side and height), and ordered it on the Wallsauce website. You can use your own photo, choose one of their thousands of options or even have them help you find the artwork for your space.

It was only a week later our wall mural arrived in one small box. Inside we had not only the mural in 5 wallpaper strips, but also the adhesive as well. That means other than a few tools, everything we needed to get the artwork up on the wall. They show you the layout and instructions for installation. But before you get started be sure you lay out the wall paper strips so they can uncurl and clean the wall.

office redesign wallsauce review

Installation was so easy – easier than we expected. With only five strips it was as easy as putting adhesive on the wall and slowly rolling the wall paper on. We lined each subsequent paper up afterwards and repeated until the wall was covered. Cut off the extra strips and stood back and enjoyed the new wall art.

Overall, from start to finish it was under two hours to install our mural. It should be noted this is the first time either of us have done this and we did have a little learning curve, but the results are wonderful. We love how beautiful the mural is and how it completely reshaped and changed the space.

office redesign wallsauce review

Wallsauce can change the look of any space with their custom murals, and you can even get murals for your ceiling. Their fast service was amazing and we absolutely love the change that one wall did to our space – and I even like how it goes with the paint in that room now!

Watch the progress of our office redesign here:

Our Office Reveal!


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