Recipe Ideas for Left Over Egg Whites

Recipe Ideas for Left Over Egg Whites

Egg white are all the rage, and with good cause. They are an affordable, low calorie, low fat source of protein. If you’re like many others and eat protein to stay full longer, you may want to start adding more egg whites to your diet. To cook with egg whites, you can either break and egg and separate the yolk.

Or you can buy containers of egg whites, which makes things really simple. Now what to do with them? No need for egg whites to be boring. Below are a few simple cooking ideas for egg whites.

Egg white omelet

A common way to incorporate egg whites into a meal is the egg white omelet. Simply use egg whites as the base of an omelet. Then load it small pieces of broccoli, red pepper, and onions. It’s wise to sauté the vegetables in a little bit of olive oil prior to adding to the omelet. For additional flavor, add a dollop of salsa. An egg white omelet is a great way to start your day. It may quickly become a morning staple.

Yellow squash and egg whites

Yellow squash is delicious and low calorie. For a wonderful side dish, simply sauté some yellow squash in olive oil. Then scramble in some egg whites. You may want to add a small amount of sharp cheddar cheese. Add a dash of salt or pepper, and you’ve got a great side dish.

Egg white sandwich

You can use an egg ring to cook your egg whites in a round shape, similar to what you get in various prepared egg sandwiches. Or you can just scramble the egg whites. Either way, adding cooked egg whites on a toasted English muffin with a slice or two of turkey bacon is very tasty. If you enjoy spicy foods, add a little Tabasco sauce to your egg white sandwich.

Boiled egg whites

Boiled eggs are a time honored Easter tradition that can be enjoyed year round. Simply place an egg in water in a pan. Bring to a boil, and once there, allow to cook for about ten minutes. Once the hard-boiled egg has cooled, peel and then cut in half. You then are left with the egg whites. These are great with a little salt and pepper. You can eat them on their own or slice them and add to a fresh salad.

Egg whites are delicious and versatile. And they can help you increase protein in your diet. Once you start eating them, you’ll wonder how you lived without them.


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