benefits of planning dinner

Reasons You Should Start Meal Planning

benefits of planning dinner

Dinner is always the “wild card” meal of the day. Breakfast can be made in a jiffy, but what will the family eat when they are all together in the evening? If you are tired of fast food and spending hundreds of dollars at restaurants, learn the benefits of planning your dinners.

What is it about Dinner that we love so much?

Dinnertime is when families get to share the events of their day. Statistics say that families that eat together develop better eating habits, have a lower incidence of teen substance abuse and dependency, better academic performance and younger kids develop better language skills.  Dinner is important for many reasons. Planning dinners ahead of time makes it possible to enjoy the positives noted above and many, many more. So, what are you waiting for?

How can meal Planning help you out? It will save you time in the long run but there are a lot of other benefits including:

Cleaner eating 

It sounds complicated, but clean eating simply means to eat more foods in their natural state. Instead of buying chicken nuggets, your family eats baked chicken cooked at home with fresh or frozen vegetables and not those that come from a fast food restaurant. Clean eating means less processed food with their additives, dyes and fillers.

Lower grocery bill

When you plan meals, grocery shopping consists of the items needed for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a week. Cooking dinner at home also provides leftovers that can be used for lunch the next day. Dishes like spaghetti always taste better the second time around.

Greater food variety

The biggest choice will be to narrow down what you will have to eat each week. With so many ideas, your family can try something new all the time and never get bored eating at home. Kids, who are notoriously picky eaters, can add what they want so that there won’t be an issue with their eating what you fix.

Always prepared for meals

Never worry about what you will cook after a long day at work. You’ve already determined that. It takes the guesswork out of dinner when you have a busy schedule.

More for later

Leftovers can be used right away or they can be frozen in portions to be eaten another week. Freezer meals make for healthy choices all the time around your home which combats obesity. There is less food waste when you plan dinner as well.

Dinner is important for so many reasons. Build communication, healthy eating habits and fun into your family dynamic with the simple art of dinner meal planning.

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