Reasons to Donate for a Gift This Year

The holidays are almost here, and we’re all rushing around to find the perfect gift. But sometimes, there isn’t a physical gift that is perfect for someone, instead a donation to a charity is the right option. The holiday season is the perfect time to donate and give back, and you may find that you find more holiday spirit in the simple act of giving than you would by buying items that may not ever be seen after Christmas again. So why should you give this holiday season? We have a few reasons we love to give!

You’re Helping Out Others

I often have to remind myself that even if I’m having a bad day, or going through a rough patch – I’m very blessed. We have our basics needs met and often beyond that. But not everyone is that lucky. Even a small cash donation to your food bank can feed more people than you would expect and help someone out that may be going more than we can ever imagine. Did you know that with a $10 donation to most food banks they can feed a family for several days? It’s amazing what a little bit can do for people who need it most.

There’s no Size Required 

We’ve all been there, opened a present and it’s the wrong size, or the wrong color. But a donation to a charity is a gift that not only will bring a smile to their face but will also always fit. If you know what they’re passionate about, or what causes they support this is the perfect way to not only show that you support their efforts bu help others out at the same time. Even better, you know the donation to the cause will be used and it wont sit on a shelf collecting dust.

You are Helping to be the Change We All Want to See

The thought of a child not having a Christmas is one of the saddest things at the holiday season, and just picking up a small toy while you’re out shopping can bring a smile to their face and change their whole holiday. This is just one of the many things that can happen if you give this holiday season. A donation can bring meals to a table for a family who is struggling, it can help keep kids warm or a roof over their head, or even help medical research for the sick. There is a lot that a small donation can do this holiday season and throughout the year. But even better, each donation will bring you that warm fuzzy feeling inside as you give it. You’re helping to make the world, and your community a better place just with a simple act.

Don’t know where to donate? There are a variety of charities you can give back to including the Red Cross, St. Judes, Toys for Tots and many others. For other ideas check out Julie Queler. Once you find the perfect charity for you, or whoever you are giving this gift to – it’s a lot easier to find the perfect gift for anyone on your list.

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