Reasons to Be Cheerful About the Future of Comic Book Media

Reasons to Be Cheerful About the Future of Comic Book Media

It’s safe to say that comic books are the biggest industry in the world right now. Wherever you look, there is a new release, rumors about casting, or tidbits of the plot whispered through interviews or hinted at on Instagram stories. But despite all this, many people have felt a little burned out by comic books. It seems like after the decade-long arc of Marvel’s initial phase, from Iron Man to Endgame, we need a break, don’t we? 

Eh, maybe. But, at the same time, this also gives us a chance to experience something fresh, and there’s certainly a reason to be cheerful about the future of comic books and comic book movies. 

Letting the Background Stars Shine 

As much as we’ve loved Iron Man and Captain America, the end of Endgame means that it’s the chance for other superheroes to shine. The likes of Scarlet Witch, Vision, and Dr. Strange can all become the main attraction, rather than playing second fiddle to the original Avengers. 

Even the new Thor film should let some other characters shine, especially with Jane Foster rumored to take on the Lady Thor mantle at some point. Any successful franchise is about more than the main character, and with more opportunities for others to shine, the world feels more real

New Companies 

Recently, DMG Entertainment acquired Valiant, and from this, we got Bloodshot. At the same time, Harbingers should also hit cinemas to kick off a brand new cinematic universe to get your teeth into. 

This represents something fresh and exciting. As much as Marvel and DC are well-established comic book royalty, fans can also get tired watching the same old stuff. With the likes of Valiant, there’s a chance to inject some new life into the industry and prevent significant burnout from even the more dedicated fans. 

Reboots of Reboots 

Sure, reboots always conjure up a groan and usually some degree of shock that it is happening so soon. However, if there’s one reboot you must look forward to, it’s The Batman, with Robert Pattinson (R-Battz or Battinson, whichever you prefer) at the helm. 

For fans of the Arkham games, it’s a representation of everything that makes Batman the World’s Greatest Detective. The gadgets are still likely to be there, but there’s also the thriller aspect, and if the trailer is anything to go by, there’s an undercurrent of Se7en that comes across, also. 

More TV 

We’ve already talked about WandaVision, but New Mutants is also premiering sooner rather than later. This gives us more access to comic books that we ever thought possible. The same goes for the rest of the Disney+ range, and the Loki series, as well as one based around Falcon and The Winter Soldier, should also interest you. 

There’s more than just Marvel, though. With the success of The Boys and the recent Emmy award for Watchmen, the future looks bright for all types of comic book media. 

The Future

With so much nonsense compounded by further nonsense every day, it’s only right that we should consider something to look forward to. If you’re a comic book fan, there’s plenty to feel optimistic about and distract yourself from the absurdity of real life. 

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