Reading Rainbow is Back with New Adventures and the Skybrary

reading rainbow skybrary review

reading rainbow skybrary reviewOne of the greatest things about being a child of the 80’s and 90’s – we had great television. Sure, kids now-a-days have a lot more options and things out there, but we grew up with great shows like Sesame Street and Reading Rainbow! Last year, LeVar Burton started a kickstarter campaign to help fund the relaunch of the beloved Reading Rainbow TV show, and it was met with so much support it exceeded it’s goals in a couple hours. I know I’m not the only one who love the show growing up, but we love that it’s available for the next generation and beyond.

We were sent a copy of Reading Rainbow Animal Cafe to review, with 4 classic episodes, as well as a 6 month subscription to the Skybrary. What is the skybrary? Something that we didn’t have access to as kids, but our kids sure will! The Skybrary is an online library where you can find over 500 books for different reading levels and over 150 virtual field trips your kids can take. It is available online, on your iDevices as well as Android, meaning you can take their books with them anywhere.

This summer, Goonie has a points chart for doing his chores and reading. For each book he finishes, he gets points towards a reward – and now his personal library just got bigger! He can read about more animals, dinosaurs, or whatever he’s in the mood for and earn more points as he goes.

Reading Rainbow – Animal Cafe has a run time of 120 minutes and includes classic episodes we may recognize from our childhood:

  • Animal CafĂ© with celebrity reader: Martin Short
  • The Tortoise and the Hare with celebrity reader: Gilda Radner
  • Ludlow Laughs: with celebrity reader Phyllis Diller
  • Giving Thanks: with celebrity reader: Nicholson Earl Billey

The combination of the classic stories, and the digital access to the Skybrary and more digital field trips make sit easy to bring Reading Rainbow back into our home and family. We’re glad it’s back, and glad to have great reading options for Goonie for the next several years.


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