Read Between the Wines a Fun Game for the 21+ Crowd

Read Between the Wines Review

Read Between the Wines ReviewSome of my favorite memories with friends have been made over playing board games and, I will admit, some of those were while drinking. So when Uncorked came out with their Read Between the Wines game, a game that seems to be a mix of charades and a drinking game – I knew I ‘d like it!  Besides, who doesn’t like to have a glass of wine with a friend (or three).

Read Between the Wines ReviewWe were sent a copy of Read Between the Wines,  a party game that allows you and your guests to try out different wines while explaining them with phrases. A pinot grigio cannot be described by the name, but instead you have to find a way similar to charades to explain in a phrase the wine without revealing what it is. The set comes with a deck of cards with different ways to describe the drinks through the game.

Read Between the Wines ReviewRead between the Wines also comes with wine charms, notefolios with “Zin-onyms” and a “Vocab-erent” cheat sheets, pencils, the deck of cards and rules. All you need to do is supply wine and a few people to play.

What about the rules and how do you play? Each round of the game you introduce another wine for testing. You share different ways to describe the wine “This wine would be the lead singer for… ” and see if the other guests can guess what type of wine they’re drinking. It’s a lot of fun trying different wines, the wine charms are adorable and can be used inside or out of the game. And really, after a few drinks – everyone is a winner!

Read Between the Wines is a fun party game and great for the wine lover in your life. Be sure to get your copy early before your holiday guests arrive!

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