Race Into Fun with a Nikko Air Racing Drone

Nikko Air Racing Drone Review

Nikko Air Racing Drone Review

Drones seem to be the new “it” toy and one that everyone wants. I wont lie, I’ve wanted one for a while now and love the idea of being able to see a birds eye view of where we live and the places we travel. So we were excited with Nikko Air sent us their racing drone to check out.

Nikko Air Racing Drone ReviewLike other quadcopters, the set actually comes with four extra blades in case you lose or break one on your flights. The set also comes with goggles to watch your flights with, batteries to get started, a micro-SD to record your flights (in HD), and a controller. It’s almost ready to go right out of the box.

Nikko Air Racing Drone ReviewThe Racing Drone is very light weight even with the batteries installed and ready to go. We found the controller was extremely light as well and almost seemed too light. However it felt good in your hand while flying. Having never flown a drone before I was happy to see the drone came with a flight similator that helps you learn how to fly, compete in actual DRL courses, and race friends. It come with 3 variable flight modes and 3 speeds this is the perfect Race Drone for all skill levels- beginners to advanced. Highly durable composite frame designed to flex, bend and crash with confidence.

Nikko Air Racing Drone ReviewFlying the Nikko Air Racing Drone was fun, and with the cold weather we did so with caution. Until we get more confidence with it we wont go too far. The only thing we wish the racing drone had was a “home” button on the controllers in case it gets away from us. The Nikko Air Racing Drone is a bit more expensive than others on the market, but with everything it has built in it can help you learn to fly a drone and race your friends all while knowing your drone will perform with the speed and accuracy you expect!

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