Race and Crash in the all New Team NASCAR tracks and Sets

Team Nascar Crash Circuit Road Course and Winner's Circle Review

Race fans start at an early age. From the thrill of the race, the sounds and the feeling being in the stands with other fans. There’s nothing quite like attending a NASCAR race, but young fans can relive the joy of the race with a fun new set from Far Out Toys.

The Team NASCAR Crash Circuit sets feature real world race tracks and cars that actually race around them. They race, they crash and can be put together to race again! With cars included, a winner circle for when you are done racing and more cars you can add to the game, this is the perfect way to relive your favorite race or to create your own as you go.

Team Nascar Crash Circuit Road Course and Winner's Circle Review

With 14 feet of track the possibilities for fun are endless. The NASCAR Crash Circuit set is based off of real race tracks. The set includes 1 Track Set (19 pieces), 1 Winner’s Circle Stand, 1 Winner’s Circle Backdrop, 4 Electric Powered Vehicles, 4 Flash Chargers, 6 Driver and Pit Crew Figurines, 1 Trophy, 6 Track Billboards, 6 Crash Barrels, 6 Crash Cones, and 1 Label Sheet.

The fun wont end when your cars batteries get low. You can flash charge your vehicles in 10 seconds or less! All of the pieces easily snap back together for continuous racing. In addition, this expanded road course is compatible with other Crash Circuit and Crash Racers track sets and vehicles from our store. More versatility and cars: more competition and fun!

We love that the race can go on for hours. That the cars can crash and be put back together in time to race again. For kids over the age of 3, this toy will be played with for years to come.


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