Quick Stove Top Broccoli, Rice and Cheese Recipe

stove top brocolli and cheese
A couple things tend to make their way into every meal in our house, and one of them is cheese. What can we say – we love cheese. But I like to make sure we have vegetables and a balanced meal too. So when I want to make something I know everyone will eat, I usually hide them in cheese! You can’t exactly hide broccoli too well in this, but we don’t have any left overs so I think it went over well! It’s quick and easy to make, and even better you can make it on the stove top!
  • 4 cups Beef Broth or Stock (you can use chicken or vegetable if you prefer)
  • 2 Tbsp Butter
  • 1 1/2 Cup Jasmine Rice
  • 1 10 oz bag of frozen Broccoli
  • 1 cup Shredded Cheddar Cheese


  1. In a large sauce pan melt your butter over medium high heat and add in your rice. Stir and cook until they are slightly transparent.
  2. Add in your stock and stir together. Place the lid on your pan and cook on low for 15 minutes. There will still be some liquid left that is fine!
  3. Add in your frozen broccoli, stir and return the lid. Cook for 5-10 minutes until your vegetables are cooked through.
  4. Remove from heat, add in your cheese and stir. Replace the lid and let sit for a about 3 minutes. Stir before serving!


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