Quick Lists to prepare for BlogHer #Blogher13

tips for preparing for blogher

The countdown to BlogHer has begun! If you’re like me you’ve started to print out all of your paperwork and it’s quite a stack. *phew* There’s a lot of things you have to remember before you go, so let’s make sure not to forget any of them!

Yes, we’re going to have a good time – I can’t promise we’ll see any light up floors like I found in Chicago last month. But we’re going to have a great time! Yes, we’re going to networking, be professional and enjoy the city too – but let’s not lie, we’re excited about the parties too!

Here’s a quick list to make sure we don’t forget some of those important things for BlogHer this year!

Pack Your Bags Early: 

  • Pack your essentials – don’t forget your toothbrush, undies and pajamas.. those are what we always seem to leave behind!
  • Pack a couple outfits a day, remember we have at least two events a day – you may need to
  • Have good pair or two of walking shoes – I always come home from Chicago with blisters on my feet, and that’s a normal day walking!
  • Pack early, double check it before you go! Just don’t over pack, or you’ll run out of space!
  • Business Cards
  • Extra batteries/power supplies

Print out your Paperwork!

  • Your Hotel Reservation
  • Your Parking Reservation
  • Any Flight information
  • Any Party/Event tickets
  • Your receipt and ticket for BlogHer
  • Any Maps you might need – have you looked at how close some of these parties are to one another? Or how far?
  • Important phone numbers – what happens when your phone dies (it will) and you need to call your blogger roomie? Have their number written down!
  • Vouchers or tickets to any local attractions you chose to do.

Download the BlogHer App

  • Get to know it
  • Load up your schedule on there
  • Put the addresses of your events in there – it’s quicker to pull up to tell a cabby!
  • Find your friends and add them
  • Check out the vendors that area listed
  • Or plan which sessions you plan on going to!

Pack these extras if you have room:

  • an extra dufflle bag – you know you’re getting some goodies to take home, find a way to condense them. If you’re flying make sure it fits in the carry on size, or can be easily checked.
  • a luggage scale – don’t get hit with expensive luggage fees!
  • a plastic tote or two (if you’re driving) – condense and make it easier to fit things in your trunk!
  • Baggies – Ziploc or similar for business cards
  • Envelopes – keep your receipts: meals, cabs, hotel costs etc can be written off as a business expense, you want that info for your taxes!
  • An Umbrella
  • Extra socks.. you’ll thank me later.

Bring Cash – Why do you need it?

  • To buy souvenirs!
  • For cab rides
  • To ship extra stuff home – be sure to do this before you get to the airport! There should be a shipping company at BlogHer, otherwise find the nearest FedEx or UPS Store to your hotel.

Did I miss anything? Are you ready yet?



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