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Qrunch Makes Gluten Free Alternatives with Quinoa

qrunch reviewIn my experience, there are only two opinions you can find about quinoa – people love it or hate it. I will be honest, I don’t have a ton of experience with quinoa, even being gluten free. So I was excited to try the new products from Qrunch and review the new breakfast options they have.

Now, the first problem I had doing this review was actually finding the products. I had a list of stores that should have the Qrunch products, but none of our local store hard them in. I finally found the Qrunch products at our Better Health store, and even there the selection was limited. I did finally find the Qrunch quinoa burgers, and at a local Kroger store a box of the Cinnamon-Vanilla Qrunch Toastables.

First let’s tackle the quinoa burgers. I made them this weekend as a quick meal option. One great thing about the Qrunch products is you can pan fry them, bake them in the oven or put them in the toaster! I figured since we were in a hurry I would use our toaster. We have a great four slice toaster, so I could cook four burgers at once if wanted – what a great way to feed everyone at once. To get them done right, you have to run the toaster twice for each round of burgers, or in our case hit the “frozen” option and it cooks it in one round. Most of the burgers came out fine, but one didn’t do so well. It actually broke as I tried to remove it from the toaster and crumbled and stuck deep inside. This caused me to have to unplug the toaster and shake it out and hope that none got cooked onto the coils inside.

qrunch reviewThankfully, making the Qrunch Toastable breakfast sticks weren’t quite the same problem in the toaster. I was worried since they’re a lot smaller than even a gluten free piece of bread. But they were tall enough you could grab them as they came out of the toaster. I ran them through two regular cycles in the toaster as recommended, and the color didn’t seem to change too much. But I did notice that the it was still a bit crumbly and the corner I grabbed it out of the toaster with began to crumble.

qrunch reviewSo where do I fall on this? Am I team Quinoa or team No Quinoa? I’m still on the fence. I will say that the Qrunch burger was a bit dry compared to what I’m use to, and I would have to add a lot of cheese and condiments to make it a sandwich I would eat on a regular basis. Over all they didn’t seem to please the lunch crowd who went to follow up with left over pizza for their lunches. And the Toastables – with butter and syrup I would have no problem eating them again. The texture isn’t exactly something I’m use to, and I think the butter may counteract the “better for you” nature of quinoa. I did love the smell of the cinnamon vanilla breakfast Toastables as they cooked though, so I think they’ll probably get another round here in the house.

But if you are team quinoa, not only are the Qrunch products gluten free, but they’re also dairy free, soy free, wheat free, egg free, nut free, corn free, light sodium and full of ancient whole grains. They are a great alternative to traditional burgers and will be great for meat alternatives for meatless Monday meals!

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