Put me in the story Disney Dream Big Princess review

Put Me In the Story Let’s Your Little One Dream Big with Disney Princesses

Put me in the story Disney Dream Big Princess review

One of my favorite ways to end a night in my house it curling up in bed with my daughter and reading a story. It is a time for us to calm down, connect and loose ourselves in a story. The best thing about reading is the imagination and imagery that is used during those moments. I means the world to me to have this time with her. But, at 2.5, getting her to calm down enough to really enjoy a story can be difficult to say the least. So how do you make her calm down and relax? Make the story as personal as possible.

Put me in the story Disney Dream Big Princess reviewThere is nothing is more special or encouraging to a young or soon to be reader then being personally connected to a book. It can be a familiar experience, story about family or like Disney PrincessDream Big Princess, can be personalized to draw the little one right into the story.

With Disney PrincessDream Big Princess, my daughter was put right into the story with her favorite princesses following along with their dreams. Every page addressed her by name and tells her about all the amazing qualities that she has in common with the Disney princesses. She loves seeing her name on the page and loves reading
with all her new best friends. Each page is a new adventure as she travels along with each of her friends. She also loves that the book has her picture (ok, two pictures of her) in it. For a young reader to see themselves makes the book that more special.

dream-big-1Disney PrincessDream Big Princess is an inspiring book for young girls that I loving reading to my daughter.  While it speaks right to the heart of the young lady, it is so full of messages and qualities that all girls should have given or at least said to them throughout their life. Even as an adult  I find the wording a bit magical, as Disney is known for. My daughter pulls this book out first and foremost every night and I love how intently she listens and says her name after I do. It’s truly a magical time.

Want to share those magical moments with a little one in your life? Check out the Put Me in the Story website and the Disney PrincessDream Big Princess here and prepare a book special to them that they will cherish forever.

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