oxileaf G4 Edenpure REview

Purify the Air in Your Space with Style with Oxileaf

oxileaf G4 Edenpure REview

One of my biggest pet peeves is lingering smells. It may be from that delicious bacon we cooked last week, a weird candle we burned or something else. But I never like a weird smell hitting me as soon as I walk into the house. Having an air purifier take up counter or floor space in a small room is never ideal, so finding a smaller and more useful solution has been at the top of my list.

oxileaf G4 Edenpure REviewEdenPURE sent me one of their OxiLeaf air purifiers. The EdenPURE® OxiLeaf™ removes pet, cigarette, urine and cooking odors. It also removes smoke, pollen, dust, pet dander and carbon monoxide and kills dust mites. It removes virtually all organic and inorganic pollutants, including toxic gasses. It can also relieve allergies and sinus problems caused by air pollution.

The OxiLeaf is a small wood grained style leaf you can plug into any socket or USB and purify the air around you. It turns on easily with the turn of a dial and doesn’t require any filters or anything special to work. It uses Ozone technology to neutralize odors and air pollutants. You can use it without using any chemicals and it is completely pet safe.

What we love is the OxiLeaf is small enough we can move it from room to room and use it where we need it. The shape and size does mean it tends to block both outlets. But the design is nice and it can fit into any decor. EdenPURE does say that the OxiLeaf is completely quiet, it does have a small hum but nothing distracting or something that would annoy anyone. It really is the perfect idea for someone who hates lingering odors or has bad allergies since you can control what is in each space.

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