Pumpkin Stencils and Activity Sheets From Your Favorite DreamWorks Shows

dreamworks halloween stencils

Halloween is just around the corner and it’s time to get ready and carve those pumpkins. Don’t worry if you don’t know what you’re carving yet (I don’t either!) But our friends at DreamWorks Animation came up with some of the best stencils we’ve seen so far! You can find stencils from Spirit Riding Free and DinoTrux – perfect for fans of either show, as well as great Voltron Crafts to print out as well.

But the best item? A printable Halloween mask from Voltron – not of any of the Paladins or Voltron, but of the Cow! Trust me, it will make you and your kids laugh. Want these great printables? Just click on the image above and save the PDF to print out the pages you want!

Happy Halloween everyone!


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