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proven winners diy hanging basket review

proven winners diy hanging basket reviewEvery summer, I love the look of the giant of the over flowing hanging baskets you find at the greenhouses. I’m never willing to pay the green house prices for the small baskets. Instead I want a large hanging basket full of color, healthy flowers that can add to our patio all summer long. This year Proven Winners Direct has their DIY flower baskets that come packaged all in one box, has everything you need to make your own hanging basket that will wow your neighbors and friends.

proven winners diy hanging basket reviewProven Winners Direct sent me one of their DIY Premium Hanging Basket Kit with their Supertunia annuals. The box showed up on our front porch and came loaded with the Supertunia flowers, the hanging basket, plant food, soil and instructions to assemble our own basket. While the flower pots are small to start, it wont take very long for your basket to be big and overflowing.

proven winners diy hanging basket reviewI decided one day between errands and work to assemble our hanging basket. It had been a couple days since the package arrived and it had moved from our front porch to the back patio without really being opened (and without the plants being watered. But when I opened the box, everything was still beautiful and ready to go. I didn’t have a ton of time, but my driving factor that day was to get everything assembled and the packaging out for recycling the next day. The instructions were inside and actually quite simple – you could read them once and then just move onto assembling your basket.

Step 1: 

Unpack everything and fill your 15″ basket with the provided potting soil.

proven winners diy hanging basket review

Step 2:

Remove the flowers from their pots and place them in the potting soil. There are 6 pots of flowers, with 2 in each color. I created a repeating pattern with mine – but you can do whatever you want to with your own basket! I did loosen up the soil at the base of each plant to give the roots some room to spread in their new home as well.

proven winners diy hanging basket review

Step 3: 

Stare at the beauty of you new basket! Ok.. it needs a little love still, but give it some time!

proven winners diy hanging basket review

Step 4: 

Give your DIY Premium Hanging Basket some love! I removed any dead flower heads from the plants, gave it the provided food and a lot of water. There’s plenty of food in the package, I went around and gave some of the extra to my other flowers as well.

proven winners diy hanging basket review

Step 5:

Now all that was left to do was attach the metal basket hangers and water your new basket. Immediately it’s pretty to look at, and what you can expect to get any any typical greenhouse basket. But give your basket a little time and the magic will happen.

proven winners diy hanging basket review

I was amazed at how pretty the basket was to get started but also the size. It’s much larger than any basket I had in the past. Even before watering the basket, it weighs well over 6 lbs. Unfortunately, the strongest Shepard hook I can find at Home depot only goes to 6 lbs, so as my basket continued to grow I noticed my hook bending and the basket ended up sitting on the patio. This isn’t a problem of the basket, it would actually do really well on a hook on a wall, or with a stronger support. The bigger problem is with availability of decent hooks for larger baskets. Thankfully we have a built in grill that doesn’t get used, and the basket looks gorgeous sitting on top of it.

Michigan is still in the middle of a water shortage, and I’ve tried to water the basket daily. There were times it started to look a little sad with the extreme heat and no rain. But in the month since I’ve planted the flowers, the basket has started to explode. It’s still filling out and getting bigger each week. I love how the basket looks and can’t wait to see it as it fills out more. And next year, we can pick up more supertunias from Proven Winners Direct and have another beautiful basket.

proven winners diy hanging basket reviewWant to order your own Proven Winners Direct DIY Premium Hanging Basket Kit? You can use the promotion code 99PWDIY until August 1st to save on your order! The kit will add color to your patio, porch or where ever you hang it, and wow your family. Check out all of the DIY Basket kits and great plants you can get from Proven Winners Direct.

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  1. I would give it to my daughter who has 2 boys of her own,,took custody of 2 family members toddlers too keep them from going into foster care

  2. I love the Proven Winners DIY Premium Hanging Basket Kit ‘Evening Breeze’ Combination with 15″ Container.

  3. Oh these are so neat! I love that everythings included!!! I would love the Proven Winners DIY Premium Hanging Basket Kit ‘Above & Beyond’ Combination with 15″ Container!

  4. I like the the Proven Winners DIY Premium Hanging Basket Kit ‘Evening Breeze’ Combination with 15″ Container.


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