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Goddess Garden Review

Goddess Garden ReviewWith the weather warming up, we’re going to be spending a lot more time out in our new yard. With yard work, gardening, and patio parties – we’re going to be out soaking up the sun as much as possible. So when I was selected to be a Goddess Garden Organics Sunscreen Ambassador I was thrilled. Not only was it a product I was excited about trying out,  but it was something our whole family could use! They sent me my Ambassador box last week and inside was a great selection of their products to try out and review, and just in time I might add!

Goddess Garden ReviewA couple weeks ago, I was at my bee keeping class and we were assembling our hives for the bees that will be moving into our yards soon. It was the first warm-ish day of the spring here in Metro-Detroit and while I remembered to take a sun hat with me, I forgot to wear sunscreen… completely forgot. The sun hat protected my face and my eyes from the harsh sun while we worked, but my arms and upper body were exposed and the next few days were spent with slathering on aloe and trying to repair burn on my arms.

Goddess Garden ReviewI’m only in my early 30’s but learned a few years ago about how sensitive I am to the sun. Besides having a very light complexion, I tend to burn easily. Only one burn a year is enough to send me into sun poisoning symptoms and keep me hiding inside like a hermit. But with a beautiful yard to maintain, gardens to plant and bees to keep – staying inside isn’t in my plan this spring and summer! So when our Goddess Garden Ambassador box showed up I was excited to see not only did they offer a Facial sunscreen, but also a Sport, Every Day and a Kids line! Each one formulated for every day situations and the users who will be using them.

Since yard work waits for no one, the April showers have brought forth a huge amount of weeds and our grass is growing out of control. Even with my sun hat ready to go, I grabbed the Goddess Garden Facial sunscreen and applied it, and covered my arms and any other exposed area with the Sport sunscreen. It may only be in the low 60’s out still but you can still work up a sweat just doing yard work.

Goddess Garden ReviewThe first thing I noticed when I opened the Goddess Garden Sport Sunscreen was overall shape of the opening. I’m sure this isn’t a huge part of the review process but the opening seemed to give the lotion an even and easy distribution. But more importantly, in my opinion – when I opened the sunscreen, I wasn’t hit with a fake pina colada scent or chemicals. That is always one of my biggest complaints about standard sunscreens – I walk away smelling like a mixed drink that I’m not even a fan of. But that scent is usually there to cover up the smell of other chemicals. Since Goddess Garden Organic Sunscreen doesn’t have chemicals in their formula (yes at all!) there’s no reason for the heavy perfume to hide it. Instead, you’re greeted with a light lotion scent that is from the natural ingredients.

So far one of my favorite things about the Goddess Garden Organics sunscreen, besides the scent of course, is the fact that it goes on smoothly and clear. I’ve been using the Facial sunscreen every day, since sun damage can happen in any weather condition, and it goes on lighter than some of the moisturizers I have at home already. By the end of the work night, I can feel the layer of protection is still there, and my skin doesn’t feel or look greasy. I’ve even left it on over night and not had any problems with breakouts or clogged pores! That right there – is HUGE!

I’ll be using Goddess Garden this month, and beyond and updating you on the products as I go as part of my ambassadorship for the brand. If you’d like to find out more about their products check out Goddess Garden Organics online!

I have been provided products and/or compensation for my posts from Mamavation and Goddess Garden Organics. All reviews, opinions are my own! 



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