Protect Your Purse from the Weather with The Gussy

gussy review

gussy reviewA woman’s purse can tell you a lot about her, it’s not just something to hold things when she goes out. But the style, the color and even the designer can tell you a lot about her. Let’s face it, as women, we spend a lot on our purses, and while we’re out and about we tend to abuse them. If it’s raining or snowing, we may worry more about our hair or shoes, but our purses will get wet and dirty.

gussy reviewWe may protect ourselves using an umbrella – but what is protecting our purses? Until recently there wasn’t anything that couple protect our purses from the elements. Introduced this spring was The Gussy, a water proof cover for your bag. It’s essentially an umbrella for your purse to keep it protected when it may still get wet while you’re out and about. Our purses are an investment, isn’t it time we start treating them like one?

gussy reviewI was sent a Gussy to review early this spring, the only problem I had was it refuses to rain here. We’ve only had a couple brief rain showers since late March. But I was able to check out how the Gussy was put together and how it works with your purse. The Gussy is a large waterproof shield you slide over the top of your bag. It has three Velcro secured flaps that cover the top or opening of your purse. I found the spacing was perfect for straps or handles to come out, and the center flap was a great place for accessing anything in your bag without getting the rest of your purse wet.

gussy reviewOverall I find The Gussy useful and great for those rainy, or blundery weather days. The only problem I have is I would want a place to put The Gussy once you’re inside, similar to an umbrella sleeve. But with weather as unpredictable as it is in Michigan, the Gussy is going to be one of those items that stays in my car. I’ve spent a lot of money over the years on my purses, and nothing is worse than going to an event with a sopping wet bag, or having items ruined inside.

For only $20, the Gussy is a great way to protect your investments.


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