Protect Your Identity with Style in a Pagalli Passport Holders

pagalli passport holder review

pagalli passport holder review

How do you carry your passport when you’re traveling? Going through the airport, I often see people people carrying them in their hand while trying to balance everything else. Not only is your passport key to getting you in and out of the country, but it has very personal information inside and embedded in the RFID chip. By carrying you passport for the world to see, you are leaving it exposed to thieves looking to steal your information.

pagalli passport holder reviewWhen choosing my passport wallet I want it to not only hold my passport, but also my credit cards, currency and travel cards as I go, all while protecting my identity. The Pagalli Project sent me the Vincente passport wallet, that checked all of the boxes for what I was looking for. The passport wallet is handmade, and even the first impression of the wallet is impressive. It was sent in a hand stitched package sealed with a wax seal – making it almost a gift presentation.

pagalli passport holder reviewThe Vincente Passport Wallet is made of Wallet Marchesa premium leather, has a Surin Thai silk lining, integrated CRYPTALLOY RFID shielding foil, 2 RFID shielded multiple cards compartments, 1 sim card holder, 1 compartment for bank notes and boarding passes, Passport pocket (up to 2 passports) and comes with a Pagalli Pen. You wouldn’t know from the beautiful exterior that it has compartments for almost everything you need inside.

pagalli passport holder reviewOn our trip, the Vincente Passport Wallet worked perfect when we were boarding planes and hopping trains. I did find that due to TSA rules I had to remove the passports when we needed them, which made the wallet a little cumbersome at times. But knowing that I had everything in one location where I knew my information was safe was ideal.

I’m one of those travelers who refuses to leave her passport in the hotel even in the safe. The Pagalli passport wallet (even fully loaded) wasn’t too bulky to keep on me in my money belt when we were on the go. I love that not only is it beautifully made but it helps keep my information safe no matter where I’m traveling.

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