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safety pin technologies review

safety pin technologies reviewThis is a sponsored post in partnership with BraVoMark and SafetyPin Technologies.

Owning a home and having a family go hand in hand. But what happens when you have to open the door for someone to do repairs or add a new service to your home? In our house, we have a buddy system and don’t let a service person in the home unless we’re both here. It’s safety in numbers, but what do you do when you have to put your most precious possessions in someone else’s hands? Do you just take the referral from friends or how do you verify that who you’re letting in your door is actually safe?

You can now choose the service person you’re letting into your home with confidence thanks to SafetyPIN Technologies. Just like their name sake, they use a small thing to protect and secure you. SafetyPin Technologies does a 4-pronged screening including criminal background, financial background, identity verification and behavioral screening. The behavioral questionnaire was developed with criminal profilers and a clinical psychologist to weed out people who may present a danger (even if they don’t have a criminal record). Service people who have a SafetyPin badge are regularly rescreened so you can be assured they meet safety standards for you and your family.

safetypin technologiesSafetyPin isn’t just for service people that you’re letting in the door to help fix your appliances or build that extension of your home. SafetyPin badges can be held by babysitters, pet sitters, elder care professionals, Airbnb, HomeAway, Bumble, Match and so many other services.

To get your SafetyPin, it only costs $1 to apply and $6 for the first 6 months. Less than $5/month after that. Membership is not required and most applications are approved within 24 hours. To use SafetyPin, you’re getting the self assurance that your taking an extra step of safety for your family. It’s TSA level of security check for people in your home and family. If you want to get SafetyPin for your company visit the SafetyPin website.


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