Promenade Park Brings You to the Rivers of Fort Wayne

Promenade Park Fort Wayne, Indiana

Sometimes, talking a walk in the park isn’t what you think it is. Promenade Park just opened last month in Fort Wayne, and it is a hustling and bustling location for tourists as well as locals.

Usually city parks offer a tree lined area, some benches and if you’re lucky a venue for music to be played or a play spot for children. But Promenade Park is changing how people are interacting with the park, the city and each other. When you first walk into the park, you notice that not only is there a large on site restaurant, but bench swings, splash pads and an accessible playground, built in gaming areas and much more inside it’s 4.2 acre footprint.

Promenade Park Fort Wayne, Indiana

The park is located near where the three rivers in the Fort Wayne area meet, finally giving residents access to the St. Marys, St. Joseph, and Maumee rivers. Walk across the river to the kids area where there are play spaces and even a kayak loading area that let you enjoy the water in more ways.

Promenade Park Fort Wayne, Indiana

Visitors of the park can also hop on a 45 minute long boat ride and learn more about the history of the area and the river systems that created the city. Tickets must be purchased before hand or when you get to the boat, but the boat is easily accessible from the bottom of the hill and stair way when you first get to the park.

The beautiful design of the park is designed with the community in mind and to be accessible to people of all abilities. The paths have tactile surface features for vision-impaired individuals, wheelchair accessible grassy areas, accessibility at the water’s edge for easier transfer from wheelchair to your personal watercraft, a dedicated handicap parking area, family restrooms, wide paths, and more.

Promenade Park Fort Wayne, Indiana

When you first get to Promenade Park you will notice that some areas are still be finished (like the parking area), but once this park is completed, it will provide the city a central meeting location and one that will be a great resource for the city for years to come.


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