Trudeau Pepper Mill Review

Professional Pepper Mills – A Kitchen Must Have!

Trudeau Pepper Mill ReviewThere is a growing trend of having professional grade equipment in your kitchen, and I have to say I’m a huge fan of this trend! Not only does it mean that you will be getting better products to use while preparing your meals,but the higher quality will last longer as well. One item in specific that seems to be getting a lot of attention is the professional pepper mills, and seeing a rise in this Trudeau is offering one of the best quality ones you can find on the market.

Trudeau Pepper Mill ReviewTrudeau’s Professional Pepper Mills come in Red, Teal and Blue and are constructed out of wood and carbon steal. Each is made in the USA and is as much a work of art as it is a useful kitchen tool. Offering ground pepper with a swift crank, and to the coarseness of your liking. We were sent the Red Trudeau Professional Pepper Mill, and it instantly found a home on the counter so it could be grabbed at any point!

Trudeau Pepper Mill ReviewWhile the outside of the pepper mill is made of wood, the inside has a carbon steel grinder that you can adjust to your liking. To use the mill you simply hold the shaft and turn the head until you get the amount of pepper you’d like on your dish.

Trudeau Pepper Mill ReviewSince every meal, and person’s preference is difference, you’re able to adjust your grind coarseness. In other pepper grinders this can be harder to do with actually adjusting the grinder at the bottom. But with the Trudeau Professional Pepper mill, you simply turn the P on the top to crease a finer or more coarse grind. It does take a little getting use to, but you can feel it loosening up as you turn the knob on top. To make sure you get a finer grind turn the knob clockwise and counter clockwise for a more coarse grind.

Trudeau Pepper Mill ReviewThe Trudeau Professional Pepper mill looks like a piece of art sitting on the counter or on your table while you’re serving your guests. I absolutely love how sturdy it feels in your hand while using it, and the over all look of the pepper mill. Besides the pepper mill being my favorite color red, the gradient color transition from the bright red to the deep at the bottom make it even more beautiful. As an added bonus, like all Trudeau mills, it comes pre-loaded with black peppercorns so you wont need to figure out how to fill it when you take it out of the box. It’s ready to use and be admired at your next dinner party – and you’ll be able to provide fresh pepper and the right level of flavor you and your guests want!

Having professional grade kitchen equipment not only is a great investment for your kitchen, but is often a quality piece that can be passed down through generations of future cooks. Trudeau’s products have a lifetime guarantee, and your mill will last as well as look beautiful for years to come.

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