Sand Gone Review

Product Review: Sand Gone

Sand Gone
Sand Gone is a great product to have in your “tool kit” this coming summer. It’s a natural product, and talc free and helps you out with some of the annoying bits of summer.

When I got the product last week, it came with a small packet of sand. I followed the instructions and tested it out on the top of my hand.

When your skin is covered in sand, it can get rough and uncomfortable. With Sand Gone you can quickly make that go away. The container comes with a soft puff applicator you put the product on, and you gently brush off the sand. Not only does it remove the sand, but it helps smells like summer.

The hand I tested it on is soft where I used the product and still smells slightly of a pina colada.

I really liked this product, and plan on taking it to Lake Michigan with me later next month.

More information on Sand Gone, or ordering information can be found on their website.

Starting tomorrow I will be running a Giveaway for a Free Sand Gone Product for a lucky reader! 😀 Look for updates soon!

20 thoughts on “Product Review: Sand Gone

  1. I really hope that I can win this and try it first before i buy to make sure that it works.

  2. I’d definitely be taking this to Lake Michigan with me 🙂 I live about 3 minutes from the lake here in West Michigan so it would be invaluable during these summer months!!

  3. This would be the perfect thing to have with us when we visit the beach, I can not stand having sand on my feet after leaving off of the beach. Yuck I hate it between my toes, if this stuff works, it would be my go to at the beach everytime!

  4. Living right next to a good sized lake that we visit all the time, I’m honestly surprised that I haven’t heard about this product before. So for me, it would be a staple we would use all the time at our home.

  5. I would take this awesome product to the lake. I hate trying to get sand off, and it can be so irritating. Great review. – Brandy Parrack

  6. I would really like to try this product, sounds very interesting!! I would take it to the River with me or to my nieces sandbox (O:

  7. I would use this in my own back yard. My boys have a sand box and are constnatly bring sand into the kitchen with their feet!!! It drive me nutty!!!!!

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