Product Review: Nutrisystem At Home Kit! #NSNation

nutrisystem at home kit
Nutrisystem At Home Kit
If you’re like me and have food allergies you look at all the weight loss food plans out there and say “man I wish that I use that system”. Unfortunately, the main stream weight loss programs haven’t quite figured out how to incorporate all of the food allergies into their systems. But that doesn’t mean we don’t get a chance to use some of their systems!
Nutrisystem was nice enough to send me their “At Home Kit”. Unfortunately since I’m allergic to gluten I cannot do their food program. But their at home kit makes it super easy to do at home.

The kit included a set of measuring serving spoons, a meal portioner for your plate, a water bottle and a Low GI Cookbook. They seem like simple enough things to use, and to assist in losing weight, but sometimes that’s all you need!

Serving Spoon

Check out the spoon set, they’ve got the serving size marked right in them. You don’t need to dirty up a separate bowl to create you portion for your sides etc. I love these spoons, I use them all the time! I do have to say – it honestly surprises me how large the servings are – two heaps for veggies! Wow!

I also love the Low GI cook book! We’ve tried several of the recipes out of it and love them. They’re not the “healthy recipes” you’d expect, bland dry and gross. Instead you’re going to find recipes like Roast Pumpkin and Chickpea Salad, Sushi Rolls, Chachouka, French Toast with Berry Compote.. they sound like fancy restaurant recipes. And when you and your family eat them, they wont know they’re eating healthier! I love that it’s something you can make for your whole family, you wont need to make one meal for you and one for the family.

Chocolate applesauce Cupcakes

This is one of the recipes I tried – Chocolate Applesauce Cupcakes. They’re delicious! And what’s even better? They’re only 140 Cal and 4 g of fat!

I did make them gluten free, and the recipe still worked out great!  I’m pretty sure the gluten free flour mix I use added a bit to the calorie count, but you couldn’t even tell they were gluten free! They were moist and chewy and just delicious!

Only one complaint -I wouldn’t call the cupcakes, they’re more like muffins :). That could just be a personal thing though. Or it might be the lack of frosting! I can tell you though that they wont last long around the house!

Since Nutrisystem sent me this system I’ve been having a great time trying their recipes and knowing that they are healthy and good for our family! I’ve even lost some weight by using it!

To find out more about Nutrisystem and their programs please visit the Nutrisystem website!


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