newman's own organics pet food review

Product Review: Newman’s Own Organics Pet Food

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We all now know how great Newman’s Own Organics food products are – read my review here and enter to win some great products to try (Ends 3-18). They are full of fantastic flavor and high quality products.
Did you know they also make pet food? I didn’t! They were kind enough to send me both the dog food and the cat food for our family pets to try!

Newman's Own Pet Food

Newman’s Own Organics sent me a great selection for the pets to try! I honestly was shocked at the variety!

Our cats were the first to test the food – we took a video, but it decided to focus on something other than the cats – so I’m omitting that from the review. The LOVED the wet food, not only did they gobble it down, they were licking their “lips” for a good hour afterwards. They absolutely loved it.

I do have to admit that they were a harder sell on the dry food. But cats are very particular on their day to day food.

Dog food

Now onto the dogs. We tested the dog food on three Shih Tzus who are on a very particular diet. They loved the food!

They were begging for more treats and food – and still are! How exciting to have new and healthy treats for them to around the house.

If you don’t believe they loved the food and treats just check out the images below! 🙂

18 thoughts on “Product Review: Newman’s Own Organics Pet Food

  1. i am excited to try the newmans cat food wet cat food because my four year old baby girl is definately finicky about her dry food!!

  2. My oldest cat Nermal only eats wet cat food, although very finicky I think he would gobble the Newmans wet cat food.

  3. I want to get the dog food for my doberman/beagle to try, she has food allergies and is very picky!! 🙂

  4. Well my male will try anything! My female, not so fast. She’s our little Diva. They get a mix of kibble and dry each meal so I’ll try both.

  5. I think my dog Chloe wuld love to try the Newmans Own Organics Salmon and Sweet Potato Medium Size Heart Shaped Dog Treat

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