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Product Review: Monkey Mascot T-Shirt!

Monkey T-shirtWe are always finding fun shirts to wear – funny sayings and cute pictures. So many now that someone has a dresser full of t-shirts. They’re great for different occasions or just heading out shopping.

I was given the opportunity to review this cute Monkey Mascot T-shirt by The shirt was a heavy quality t-shirt, not thin like a lot of other shirts we have gotten. As a graphics person, I was impressed by the Monkey on the shirt. Besides being cute, the  screen printing was thick – so it wont fade or crack quickly. The colors were done in layers over each other creating the final image.

I’ve thrown the t-shirt in the wash a few times and the monkey hasn’t cracked or faded at all. The shirt will be in the t-shirt collection for a long time!

Now, the Monkey Design is just their promotional design – but you can order your own custom shirts and designs from! Check them out for your next t-shirt order!

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