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Product Review: Bic Soleil Bella Razors

Bic Razors
A while back I mentioned that I was selected for a “mission” from Smile.ly360. What is 360? it’s a market research company that larger companies go to to get the right segment to try their products. According to their site, “ is the world’s first social media powered community designed to bring you new things to try and share.
So what is a mission? When you sign up for Smile.ly360 they have you fill out some basic “get to know you surveys”. As new items are brought to them they have you do quick surveys to see if you’d fit the demographic the company is looking for. If you are a good fit for the new product you are given the mission! Pretty simple.

But what do you actually do? You are sent the product and some coupons to share (not to keep). You are suppose to try the product, tell people what you think of it and then share the coupons with your friends/family/fans etc.

The Bic Soleil Bella Razors are my first mission from Smile.ly360. I have to admit, I was super excited when they said I was selected for the mission, and was a little hesitant about the product actually getting here – we have had some issues with packages going missing (that’s why I have a UPS box for most things). But last week there a small little box hanging out of the top of our mail box with a big SMILE on it. I was so excited to see it there. I am glad I checked the mail when I did, the box didn’t fit all the way in the mail box, so it may not have stayed there very long.

Because of the sudden jump to summer weather I have been taking two showers a day (too much info right?). Well, the night the razors got there I was excited and gave them a try!

They can’t be much different than other disposable razors right? Well, I recently learned when I bought a store brand disposable – that sometimes it’s the little things that count! The Bic Soleil Bella razors worked wonderfully, their head it not over tilted, or over pivot-y like other razors. Now I got the package sometime last week, almost a week ago – I am still using the same razor and the blades haven’t dulled, rusted or anything like other razors do. I am completely happy with these disposable razors! They are definitely ones I will look for in the future (and never buy those store brands again!).

Now, I gave out my extra coupons to family, friends and some fans during Monday night’s trivia game. But Bic is also doing a daily giveaway on their site. There are only 47 days left to enter the 100 days of Summer giveaways they’re doing! Check it out! You could win some great goodies!

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