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Princess Emmy DVD Review

We’ve all seen the typical princess movie in the past – parents are gone, and they have to be saved in order to find their place in the world. Thankfully, over the years this narrative is starting to change and a new story is starting to emerge.

Joining the ranks of well adjusted princesses is Princess Emmy, a well loved and cared for Princess. She has a jealous cousin who is making her life hard, but her best friends are the horses in the stables that she can actually talk to. In order to take her place as a leader, she has to pass some tests which aren’t as easy as she thinks but can risk everything she loves.

Princess Emmy is a cute movie that comes in at just around 75 minutes and will be one that your kids enjoy watching. Without any scary conflicts, the movie is kid friendly and is not only targeted towards the kids in your family that love princess stories but also the horse lovers as well.

We’ve partnered with Shout! Kids! To give away a copy of the movie to one lucky reader. You can get a copy of Princess Emmy online now or enter to win one below!

About Princess Emmy:

It’s a gift fit for a queen… Princes Emmy reigns supreme on October 15, when she bows on DVD and digital via Shout! Kids! The new animated feature is voiced by Ruby Barnhill (The BFG, Mary and the Witch’s Flower), Bella Ramsey (Game of Thrones, Netflix’s Hilda), Franka Potente (Run Lola Run, Bourne Identity) and John Hannah (Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.D., The Mummy) and directed by Piet de Rycker (Laura’s Star, Little Polar Bear).

Princess Emmy is a young girl with a secret gift – she is the only one in the Kingdom of Kandis who can speak to horses. Up until now, life for Emmy has been wonderful: exploring and hanging out with her best friends – a stable full of horses; spending time with her family at the castle and not having a care in the world. That is, until her jealous, scheming cousin Gizana appears, challenging her every turn, threatening Emmy’s chance of becoming an officially inaugurated princess and generally making her life hell. And on top of that, Emmy must undergo the ultimate test to earn the right to keep her gift. If she fails, she loses the gift and her best friends forever. There is a huge amount at stake for such a little girl.

Princess Emmy is produced by Studio 100 Media (Germany) in co-production with Talking Horse (UK) and Witebox (Belgium).

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