Previse Hydrobalm Review – Intense Hydration!

previce skincare review
previse hydrobalm
I’ve had a secret weapon this winter – an intense hydration balm that I carry with me in my purse and keep handy in the bathroom. What is my secret weapon? Hydrobalm by Previse Skin care. Hydrobalm isn’t just any lotion, it’s not thin and runny and best of all – it’s not full of chemicals.
What is Hydrobalm? It’s an all natural skincare product that works for all skin types. It’s especially good for skin that needs hydration due to age, environment such as working in water all day or even weather – who hasn’t had wind chapped hands this winter?

The key behind Hydrobalm’s moisture? Essential fatty acids that your skin is lacking. They are in blended in with the other natural ingredients to help pull moisture to your hands without leaving a oily or filmy layer on your skin.

Before I put anything on my skin I like to read what’s in it. Partially to find out what exactly I’m using, but also to make sure there aren’t any hidden allergens in it. When I read the Hydrobalm ingredient list I was a bit shocked – everything is clearly spelled out and it is not full of chemical compound names I didn’t know. Instead I found things I was very familiar with – fennel extract, algae extract and even radish. Not items I would normally expect to find on the ingredient list for lotion – but I haven’t made it myself before!

Knowing what some of the flavors and scents of the ingredients were I was a bit intrigued to find out what the Hydrobalm smelled like. Unscrewing the cap it had a sweet and gentle smell. It wasn’t overly perfumed and full of chemicals.

I was shocked too that it was more like a mousse cream than a lotion type texture. I only needed a small pea sized shape to use, and it was smooth massaging it into my skin. I liked the fresh feeling it had once applied. I used it several nights before bed and found that my skin didn’t become oily like other other night creams. I would wake up and still have smooth, hydrated skin. When I use Hydrobalm my skin stays hydrated for hours, and I only have to apply it a couple times a day.

This winter my skin has stayed fresh and hydrated. What I like most about Hydrobalm is it was safe to use on my face, neck and hands. So while most of my lotion concerns this winter have been on my hands, it was nice to have a product I could easily use on my face as well. It’s nice that Hydrobalm is made of all natural products and I didn’t have to worry about allergy concerns using it. It is the perfect secret weapon against the harsh winter weather.

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