COOKINA Oven Liner Review

Prevent Holiday Baking Messes with a COOKINA Oven Protector #Christmascountdown

Cookina Oven Protector Review
If you’ve ever been in the kitchen with me, it wont be a shock when I say this “I’m a messy cook”. But I like to make sure that while I’m making my mess, that cleaning up is pretty easy. Not everything is as easy as letting the cat-dog sweep up the crumbs. And one of my biggest pet peeves in the kitchen is oven messes. Not only are they just not ideal, but they can burn, smolder and stink up your whole house. I’m also not a huge fan of using chemical oven cleaners – the smell drives me nuts. And from what I’ve read, those cleaners could do more damage to your oven than good.

Cookina Oven Protector Review

So for years, I’ve had a cheap sheet pan on the bottom shelf of oven. It has caught several of the overflows I’ve had from desserts, sides and casseroles. COOKINA sent me one of their oven protectors to test out, and instantly it was less intrusive than having a sheet pan in the oven all of the time.

Cookina Oven Protector Review

The COOKINA Oven Protector comes in one thin sheet and fits all standard ovens. It can be cut down to fit into smaller ovens if you need to. It’s thinness actually allows you to set objects right on top and still have the protection from things splattering below. If your oven guard gets dirty, once the oven is cooled just pulled out and wash it off and replace it.

Every oven type has a different way to use the COOKINA Oven Protector. Since I have a gas oven, it has to be placed on the lower rack. It fit fine with small spaces on each side. This allows the air to continue to flow around it, the oven to heat properly and not cover the vents at the bottom.

Cookina Oven Protector Review

The COOKINA Oven Protector has saved my oven from several spills since it’s been installed. It was extremely easy to use. COOKINA also offers Reuseable Cooking Sheets, that can be cut to shape and size, are completely washable and reusable as well. With both of these, it’s so easy to get your holiday baking done with out the hard clean up work! And for me, the added bonus is that I don’t have to have use the harsh chemicals to clean up the mess.

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