Preparing for Black Friday

black friday
black friday
It’s almost here – right after we spend all of that time with our family and enjoy that big meal. The day that us deal hunters and bloggers have been waiting for! Black Friday.. the day where we can get great deals and those big ticket items we wouldn’t normally spend the money on.

I have been a fan of Black Friday¬†for years now – we have a tradition in our house. We spend Thanksgiving with our families and join up afterwards at a local greasy spoon restaurant to go over our ads, make our lists and plan our shopping out. It’s worked well for us over the past 6 plus years – but this year the sales might shake it up some.

Since this is a shopper (and bloggers) dream holiday weekend, I will be spending some quality family time, and some quality shopping time. I probably will not be on much until Saturday. So starting this evening, and through Friday I will be posting all of the pre-released Black Friday ads and some new giveaways. I hope you all have a great holiday and a fun and safe time out shopping if you head out!

Since I don’t want you to miss out on any of the good deals – I have some great tips and tricks I’ve learned over the last several years of shopping on Black Friday!

Get Your Paper Early!

Papers are delivered to most retailers first thing in the morning. Places like 7-11 get theirs at about 2-3 am. I’m not saying run there in the middle of the night to get the paper on Thursday (unless you’re tossing that turkey in the oven that early!), but don’t expect to go out after noon and expect to find one.

Papers cost a bit more on Thanksgiving – ours go up from $1.50 to $2.00, because they know we’re willing to pay it. I always end up buying 2 copies too – one for me to go through, and one for my family to mess up. I’m particular about looking at my ads, and I don’t want them to mess it all up.

Have a List of Targeted Items

That seems simple right? Know what you’re heading out for! What is the hot item your kid is asking for? Want that new 3D tv? Look for those deals. Remember some deals in those ads aren’t as good as they should be – they’re more for the impulse shoppers. The ones who have the cart full, and tosses in that $600 Ipad because, well they NEED IT. I don’t shop that way during the week and I wont on the biggest shopping day of the year.

Try to stick to your list, grabbing an extra dvd or toy wont break the bank on Friday – but that extra Xbox might. Try to keep your items to things you want or need.

Know What Time Your Stores Open

This is where things are getting messy this year – stores are opening at 6 PM on Thanksgiving.. others at 9 PM.. It’s not just Friday deals anymore. Check each ad carefully before you head out!

Also, check out the ads to see if you can order items online Thursday. Kohl’s and JC Penney are great for this! And other stores are OPEN on Thursday like CVS and Kroger!

Plan Your Shopping Trip

You wont hit every store.. just target the ones that have the best deals on your items. Try to keep it under 10 stores. Find the ones that are the “Must haves” for your items, and then the “back ups”.

We always hit 1-2 big stores and maybe head out to a few smaller ones in the afternoon to scoop up cheap movies, pillows, gloves – smaller items.

Check Your Weather and Plan For It! Check your weather here!

Check what the weather is suppose to be. We’ve had years where we’ve worn layers, others layers upon layers. This year they’re predicting 58 degrees for the High on Friday.. In Detroit.. In November. I’ll still wear a couple layers but will bring a bag to toss the shirts into as it gets warmer.

Wear comfortable clothes for being inside and outside.. both for hours. Bring options, and a way to carry them as you shed them!

And don’t forget comfortable shoes!

Check your Ads

Make sure you know the deals, and read the special print. Is it only on sale for certain hours? Is the number available so limited that it wont be worth standing in line for 3 hours for?

Have fun!


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